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Trvial723 - love pickles


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lone orange
The rain falling into my life is washing away so many things I want to hold on to.
Rain, rain. Just go away...

All the things you never told me
Now I'll never get to know.

All the times I hid things from you...
Now I'll never be punished.

And that funny laugh you sometimes had,
I will never hear again.

You'll never see me graduate from high school
and go to KU like you wanted.

I'll never hear you speak again
and tease me about what I've done.

I can't go tell you I got a '1' at state
as much as I wish I could.

I can't make you cornbread
and wrap it in jagged foil.

You'll never hear me tell you
I love you even though I do.

You'll never again play in Golf Tournaments
and win first prize with your grandson.

You'll never again hunt a turkey
or recount the history of a show gun.

You'll never again watch me rearrange the magnets
on your filing cabinet and laugh.

You'll never again care for my pet
and complain about how noisy he is.

You'll never again see your daughter
your wife, your grandchildren.

I can't help your sister bake you a birthday cake -
Your birthdays are all finished.

I can't breathe at 1:23 in the afternoon
Because that's another day you've been gone.

And we can't make new memories

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