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Nazi Ghosts

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Trvial723 - love pickles

Nazi Ghosts

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lone orange
This is based off of something an Auschwitz survivor said in “Never Forget”, “Every night they come and stand at the foot of my bed, but I don’t open my eyes.” She was genuinely terrified.

Nazi Ghosts

Every night when I
fall asleep
I know they’re waiting.

They move through
my house in silky blackness
waiting to take me away again.

And people say that time is Past
They’re all dead

But they still wait for me
Driven by their hatred.

They want to make me a
victim again
Take away all life’s pleasure
deprive me of necessities
and watch me suffer
and waste away.

They’re so angry that I
survived the first time.
So angry they are driven
back from Hell…

to wait for me,
hoping I’ll open my eyes
so they can take me away again.

They have their gun
and those smiles
beneath the soldier’s masks

that make them somehow
less human
and infinitely more terrifying

They move through
my house in
horrible silky blackness

With the fires of
Hell and Hate in their eyes
and they wait

Hoping I’ll open my eyes
so they can take me
back with them.

And I keep very still
I can’t let them know!

But they must,
Because they take my dreams, too.

They show me my
mother and brothers dying
And they let me hear them laugh.

They vanish with the light of day
but they’ll be back

to wait for me.

9:32 p.m. May 7, 2007
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