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February 22nd, 2007


lone orange
Yay! Fuzzyslippers92 finally posted again! If you're them though, I liked your other poem better. Some of the rhymes got really weird and not-so-good. Keep it up, though!


skulls anime
I stare at the ceiling
What do I do?
Will I make the right choice?
This is so new

I look around
A smile plastered to my face
My soul broken
While people try to make everything nicely laced

I own no more smiles
They left the previous days
I have weeped till there was no more tears
So on the bed I lay

The world passes by me
And I'll I can do is watch them
My life seems eternally slow
As I fiddle with my hem

What do I do?
What do I say?
It hurts so bad
I lose will by the end of the day

I grab the knife
It's blade gleams bright
It twinkles
In the bright light

I make it quick
Blood seeps into my pants
As I lay on the floor
Thinking of all my I can'ts

I feel ice on me
My vision darker
Everything swirls
As I walk past life markers

Why do I have so many lone prints?
Why was I so dependent?
I cry at the end of it
And I say that I did it

An arm wraps around my shoulder
It smells nice
As I feel it's warmth take me
As the sand feels like fake soft rice

The tears end
Where will I go?
The voice whispered to me
You'll go back on home

I look into blue eyes
Why do I go back?
He looked at me
Because I need you to take this back

He handed me a cross
What is so important about this?
He smiled as I fell back to my surrounded body
I was kissed by mom

Why are you all crying?
They held me tight
For we need you
Was there response in the blinding light

I stared at my cross
I'll see you soon enough again
Thank you
I have been forgiven my sin

I stare at the world
And there are no more fake smiles
I will do what I need to do
No more mindless miles

The smile stayed with me
Until I died
With a cross in my hand
And a smile upon my face
Tusa cahe, Lakhaynta-z. Inee ceen nohted motoe heiteah quan kitti keylin cahl-z tanoe
algenaertay kolae sweudo-z. Inee gan kwesst.... Inee ope kolae, Inee hy.....

Good day, Neighbors. I have noticed that most of my recent entries are not happy ones. I wonder why.... I am happy, I think....

February 21st, 2007

Tusa, lakhaynta!
Meeni' butitahu klas heiteah haepayeen!

Yes, Neighbor!
Our actions coincide most strangely!

(no subject)

scary happy face
Isn't it weird how orange_enigma and I are usually on this site around the same time?
Snow and sunshine
Snow and sunshine
Not enemies today
The sun warms the air
But the snow doesn't melt
Just catches the light and shines
And so beautiful these two can be
When they aren't enemies
The physical laws don't seem to matter
And no war is a constant fight
Nature united is a beautiful thing...
So the sun can shine and the snow can sparkle
Because they aren't enemies today

I tried to do what you did, but my poem is markedly less humorous than yours. I used 'snow' and 'sunshine', which aren't really funny things by nature.

weird poem

scary happy face
Let's dance now, my dear, dear man
Let's spin in circles small

I fear, dear lady that I cannot
for I am but three inches tall

Let's spin round and round...
What fun that would be
So what you are but three inches tall
It doesn't matter to me!
Please can't we dance, my dear, dear friend
I purchased these shoes for you

Then that, my lady, was a mistake
For with me, your shoes will remain as new

Why did you come here, if not to dance?

Goodness, you are most persistent!
I came here, my lady, to escape the rain
But since you will not give me a rest
I shall return to it once again

This is weird...I wrote down words(shoes, man, 3inches, rain) and tried to make a poem out of them. It was kind of fun, actually....

post more!

star of david
That friend fuzzyslippers92 doesn't post much. Hey, if you're them, post more! That one poem you posted was pretty cool! I want to see some more! Otherwise, it's just Orange_enigma and I. Not that Orange_enigma's poetry's not cool, I just want to see some of yours, too!

February 16th, 2007

I am not going to be defined by my confinement to education. I am not going to let school tell me who I am. the cruelly conspiratorial ‘they’ talk all the time about how we all need education for life in the ‘real world’. (I am most certainly living in a false one now…) We need education to survive in society, which they have warped and corrupted and claimed to have derived from the mother earth, when in fact they encaged her and built horridly great cities upon her once lovely face. Without them, we could live with her, possibly in peace with our brothers and sisters. what’s done is done, perhaps, but I believe it can be undone if there are enough people to care. how does this relate to my education? I spend seventy-five percent of every year cramming math and chemistry and history facts into my head, to eventually graduate and go live in society, spending a larger percent of each year doing work of my ‘choice’ until I am too old and feeble to work anymore, in which case I go live at home and wait to die. my, isn’t society wonderful… and suppose I die tomorrow in which case I’ll never get to apply all those glorious areas of my education in the ‘real world’. I’m sure all you working folks use nearly every bit of knowledge you learned in school, don’t you, I’m sure. as you may not have noticed, due to my absolute subtleness, I am in a rather cynical mood. I now conclude my beautiful accurate insight into a teen’s thoughts.
I hope you learned nothing and forget this soon.


lone orange
My mind is not on essays, for I’ll write them the rest of my life.
My heart is not in working, for I’ll do that the rest of my life.
My soul is not in society, for I’ll be there the rest of my life.
All I want now is to be me.
The days of pure fun are more rare than spontaneous combustion.
I do not want to admit they were the days of childhood.
I do not want to live as any other adolescent.
All I want now is to be me.
I must wear the same clothes as others.
I must speak the same language as others.
I must conduct myself the same way as others.
But all I want now is to be me.
I am not sure who I am,
But I am who I want to be
My flaws are part of me as well, I know.
Please just let me be me.

September 12, 2006 Tuesday 9:08 am
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